(Updated September 2019)


  • For healing from sickness.

    • All 3 young ones are down with sickness and it adds a lot more stress in the house. Please pray for patience and endurance as we wait for the Lord’s healing.

  • For the “reading group”.

    • We are starting an adult’s “reading group”. We hope to meet weekly and read through individual Bible stories that have been translated into local language to help people develop better reading skills. Many people have been educated (in varying degrees) in English or French. They have NEVER read their local language. We want to see parents, teachers and church leaders grow in their reading skills so that they can read the translated Scriptures in services, in their families and as individuals. So far we have only had 3 people join the group. Pray for God to send more and to help people feel the value of reading practice.

  • For the Gospel of Mark.

    • The Gospel of Mark has been translated and distributed to various church leaders. Please pray for the leaders to taste the “sweetness” of this Good News in their local language and to feel the need to start using these Scriptures in their meetings and homes. Pray also for those who have received the audio recording of Mark—that people would come to discover Jesus in a whole new way and that deep and lasting faith would start to develop in the hearts of many.


  • For our family members

    • Casey, Valerie, Beckett, Julian and Micaiah, to be passionate and obedient disciples of Jesus.

  • For special help.

    • from God's Spirit to learn, remember, speak, and even learn to view our world here in the local language, Rral.

  • For wisdom and Spiritual insight.

    • for our teammates, Houghton Richards and Laura Thulesen as well as the local men and women they work with to translate the Bible into the Rral language.



  • For an excitement and commitment to use the Gospel of Mark by local leadership in their communities.

    • Many leaders in local churches get used to using the Bible in the language of education because they have had more experience reading in English or French. This continues to happen even though many who are not educated well don’t understand either language sufficiently. Please keep praying for God to open the eyes of those in leadership to desire clarity of what is read and taught.

  • Beckett asks for strength from the Lord to not listen to the lies his friends here tell him.

    • Beckett continues to communicate a confidence in Jesus in the face of his friends who talk/joke/warn about evil spirits and black magic. May he continue to be a witness of the power of Christ in us!


We really do value your prayers. We look forward to glorifying God with you as we watch God move together!

...pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ...
— Colossians 4:3
Never worry about anything. But in every situation let God know what you need in prayers and requests while giving thanks.
— Philippians 4:6


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