MAY 2016

  • For our time in Vila to be physically, mentally and spiritually restful.

// While our time in the capital had restful aspects to it, it was still filled with a lot of activity. The last week of preparing has been tiring.

  • For our kids as they transition back to Vila and then again to Ambrym in June.

// The boys did great coming back to Vila. In fact, they enjoyed some new friendships immensely. A new family has just arrived from AU to serve here in Vanuatu. The boys have really taken to their kids and it will be sad for them to say "see ya later" .

  • For the "Gospel Meets Culture" workshop May 30-June 10 to be profoundly transformative for those who attend.

// There was some good discussion generated throughout the workshop. Many men are leaders back in their communities and churches and are excited to engage with their communities about cultural practices and beliefs that are in conflict with God's word. Please pray for these men to grow in their understanding and trust of God's word as they seek to make changes in their community.

  • For Bernard (a man from our Olal community) who will be attending the workshop in Vila with us. 

// This was the first time Bernard has been to an event like this. He seemed to really enjoy the interaction with other men and leaders from around the country. He was excited to talk to Casey about brining the teaching of this workshop back to Ambrym and working through it with interested members of the community. We don't know if Bernard is a believer in Christ yet, though he is an active member and leader in the Catholic community of Olal. Please pray for him as we seek to build a deeper relationship with him.

  • For the Lord to help each of us to discern what is best each day so as to live pure and blameless lives, filled with love for the praise and glory of God. (Philippians 1:9-11)

// Please continue to pray for this in our lives. There are times that we don't feel too pure or blameless. In these times, like all times, we are deeply thankful for God's grace. Please pray that we wouldn't abuse His grace toward us but continue to submit ourselves to Him each day.